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Exhibitions: april 2018

FoodService Moscow exhibition is a promising business platform for establishing and strengthening contacts between food, drink and equipment vendors. The event attracts purchasing executives for restaurant chains, food courts at shopping malls, hotels/inns, cafeterias, catering companies and the owners of coffee shops and bars. The exhibition was launched in 2011 and covers every sector of the fast food industry: food products, drinks, and ingredients for fast food businesses; equipment and supplies for coffee shops and bars; and technology and services for developing the fast food industry. Field experts have the opportunity to make businesses contacts and partnerships in order to acquire innovative equipment and technology for opening and developing fast food businesses and fast food chains.

Country, region: Russia, Moscow

Place: EcoCentre Sokolniki

WWW: foodserv.ru

Organization: ITE Moscow

The TransRussia / TransLogistica exhibition annually attracts the leading transportation experts from Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states. TransRussia / TransLogistica is the main platform for discussing the latest issues related to developing the Russian transportation infrastructure. It's where new information systems are devised for interacting between different types of transportation - systems that are targeted at finding a successful solution to logistical issues in the global transportation services market. Primarily oriented toward freight transportation services, the TransRussia exhibition demonstrates the full range of solutions in the field - from transportation dispatch services, to software and freight-handling equipment.

Country, region: Russia, Moscow

Place: Crocus Expo

WWW: www.transrussia.ru

Organization: ITE Moscow

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