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Exhibitions: december 2019

4th Annual Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia & CIS 2019 – is an established professional international platform for attracting investment in the Greenhouse Industry of Russia, discussion of industry development strategies, exchanging experience between key market players and signing new win-win contracts. Supported by The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Forum Highlights 2019:

  • 700+ C-suite executives of major greenhouse complexes and holdings from Russia and the CIS – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well аs government officials, chief agrarians, top managers of retail chains, and service providing companies
  • 50+ investment projects on construction and modernisation of greenhouse complexes with the development timeframe 2020-2025 from all regions of Russia and the CIS countries
  • Leaders debate: the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, agroholdings, initiators. How will the greenhouse industry evolve after 2020? Growth drivers and development routes of the industry
  • IMORTANT! AGRONOMY DAY – specialised workshops on vegetable crops farming. How to boost yield and plant resistance to pest and diseases?
  • Specialised exhibition of high-end equipment and technologies for greenhouse complexes from major companies of the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Italy, Spain and others
  • STRATEGIC FOCUS: EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF GREENHOUSE COMPLEX – how to streamline the production process?
  • IMPORTANT: GREENHOUSE INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT IN THE CIS COUNTRIES. Key investment projects in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and other states
  • Round tables on mushroom farming and flower gardening. How to improve output and quality? How to set up mushroom production and distribution?
  • NEW! Technical round table for agronomists. Sharing experiences, development of new solutions for the technologies of farming
  • Dynamic and productive! Road-show of innovative technologies and equipment from the world leaders
  • Focus-session: construction and modernisation of greenhouse complexes. How to renovate and optimise production facilities?
  • Sales strategies and assortment policy – what products are demanded in the market?
  • Packaging and processing: efficient strategies, innovations, technological developments –how to optimise technological processes. From fresh to processed products
  • NEW! Propagation material: how to build up production and supplies of quality seedlings? Modern approaches to growing propagation material, building partnership with nurseries

Country, region: Russia, Moscow

Place: Baltschug Kempinski

E-mail: [email protected]

WWW: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/

Organization: Vostock Capital

Polymer industry projects on construction and modernisation of production capacities will be presented at the International Congress and Exhibition Polymers of Russia and the CIS: construction and modernisation of plants.

Polymers of Russia and the CIS: construction and modernisation of plants is a professional platform which will bring together the producers of synthetic polymers and polymer materials, initiators of investment projects in the polymer industry, regulators, licensors of production technologies, developers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, engineering and design companies, service providers. Project participants will discuss the largest investment projects and the opportunities of boosting the efficiency of existing facilities.

Country, region: Russia, Pyatigorsk

Place: Mineralnye Vody - Pyatigorsk, Russia

E-mail: [email protected]

WWW: https://polymerrussia.com/

Organization: Vostock Capital

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